Past Conferences:

NEEA has organized fifteen annual conferences so far on certain important economic issues relating to the North East. The details of the conferences are shown below:-

The 17th Annual Conference of NEEA will be held under the auspices of the Dept. of Economics, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh in October, 2015






April 8-9, 1998


Development Policies and Development Experiences in the North-East


February 10-11, 1999


North-East Economy Beyond 2000


December 18-19, 1999


Resource Mobilisation in the North East


September 21-22, 2001


Agricultural Transition in the Hill Areas of North-East India


December 14-15,2002


Emergence of Indigenous Entrepreneurship in North-East : Problems and Prospects


February 10-11, 2004


Implementation of Rural Development Programmes under different Institutional Set-ups in the North East of India


October 21-22, 2005


a. Problems of Emergence of Market Institutions in North East India.

b. Fiscal Management and Governance in North East India.

8  November 16-17, 2006 Aizwal

a. North East India as a Common Market and

b. Learning from Success Stories.

9  November 16-17, 2007 Tripura

a. Working of the Decentralized Institutions in North East India

b. Dynamics of Service Sector Growth and

c. Social Sector Dynamics.

10  November 20-21, 2008 Manipur

a. Infrastructure in North East India and

b. Management of Environment.

11  December 18-19,2009 IIT Guwahati

a. Governance Issues in Economic Development

b. Gender Issues and Developmental Transformation in the North East.

c. Young ResearchersÕ Forum.

12  December 18-19,2009 Nagaland University, Lumami, Nagaland

a. Identity Aspirations and Developmental Challenges in NE Region

b. Issues in Livelihood Promotion in Northeast India

c. Young ResearchersÕ Forum

13  November 16-18, 2011 Assam University, Silchar

a. Overcoming Infrastructure Backlog in North East India

b. Microfinance at the Crossroads

c. Researcher's Segment

14  December 13-15, 2012 Sibsagar College, Joysagar

a. Social Welfare Interventions: Issues in Allocation, Absorption, and Efficiency

b. Food Security and Public Distribution System

c. Researcher's Segment

15  November 14-16, 2013 Mizoram University, Aizawl

a. Financial Inclusion

b. From social insurance to market based insurance

c. Use of financial technologies

d. Financial markets-informal and formals

16  January 8-9, 2015 Tripura University

a. Natural Resource Management in the North East

b. Socio-economic deprivations in the North East

c. Researchers’ Forum

Forthcoming Conference:

The 17th Annual Conference of NEEA will be held under the auspices of the Dept. of Economics, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh in October, 2015

The theme selected for this year's conference is:

a. Labour Market Issues in the North East
b. Issues in Health Economics in the North-Eastern region of India

Additionally, there will be another section in the Conference, namely, 'Researchers Forum' where besides young researchers, senior scholars will also be expected to present findings of their research work/project, etc. in any field of Economics or related discipline. However, the papers submitted for the forum should be based on on-going or completed M Phil, Ph. D. work or research projects. Hence scholars submitting papers for the segment should specify whether the paper is based on M. Phil. or Ph. D. work or research project funded by UGC/ICSSR or other sources.